Our Team

Laura Vaillancourt, Owner
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Geriatric Mental Health Specialist

Laura has extensive experience providing counseling to families that are in the midst of making difficult decisions related to their loved one’s care, their own loss and grief, and transition. She specializes in counseling individuals and family members in areas related to dementia, stroke, amputation, cancer, and other medically related complications.  Her passion and much of her counseling experience has been working with individuals and family members that have been affected by Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia.

Laura is a contracted provider with the South Sound Alzheimer’s Council (SSAC) in Olympia, Washington where she has served for many years. She is also a contracted provider with Washington State Home and Community Services and the Area Agency on Aging Family Caregiver Support Program. She enjoys the opportunity to serve families who are in crisis by providing consultations, guidance and resources to assist with discovering the next step in their journey towards caring for a loved one.


Laurie  Thompson, MA, LMHCA
Geriatric Care Manager, Mental Health Counselor

Laurie’s interest in working with the geriatric population sparked at a young age. Some of her fondest memories as a child was spent with her grandparents, listening to their stories and life experiences. With her bachelor’s degree in psychology, she worked in Social Services at nursing facilities. Right away, she knew that advocating and assessing for mental and psychological needs of the elderly was her calling. Managing care needs amidst a colorful array of both physical and mental health conditions inspired Laurie to further her education.

Laurie recently graduated from St. Martin’s University with her master’s in Counseling Psychology and is now a Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate. Working for Eldercare Counseling and Guidance Services had been a dream of Laurie’s for quite some time.

She is passionate about walking with clients through the many unique experiences that come with aging. Laurie is both a therapist and a Geriatric Care Manager on our team. She is also a member of the South Sound Alzheimer’s Council.


Beth Henriquez, MSW
Licensed Associate Independent Clinical Social Worker
Mental Health Counselor
Beth specializes in supporting individuals who are in transition. She has experience providing counseling to those in nursing and other long-term care facilities. She has worked with veterans at the Seattle VA, the Cross Cultural Health Care Program, and spent years living in other countries and learning about people from different backgrounds. Her greatest joy is spending time with people – learning what they care about, what they need, and helping them attain their goals. Beth is also a Certified Life Coach and considers it an honor to be with people as they journey through life changes to find new meaning and direction.
CrystalCrystal Ouelette
Geriatric Care Manager
Community Choice Guide
  What started out as a plan to simply gain experience in healthcare while working as a Certified Nursing Assistant led to Crystal’s discovery of her love of advocacy for quality of life of the older adult population.  After one year of providing assistance with daily care to patients, she was promoted to Life Enrichment Director where she developed a more comprehensive approach to the recovery and independence of the aging individual with the integration of recreation and meaningful leisure activities to help provide a sense of purpose.
Crystal was then led to a career as Social Services Director in local skilled nursing facilities, where she fully realized her appreciation of the challenges that many older adults face, as well as their families, in times of chaos from unexpected illness, disease progression, or the overall aging process.  The experience gained  as part of an interdisciplinary team including physicians, nurses, physical therapists, and mental health providers has enabled Crystal to see “the bigger picture” when it comes to the planning and  coordination of health care providers, living arrangements, and additional support options  for today’s older adults.


Evie Fageren
Office Manager
Evie is grateful and honored to serve as the office manager for Eldercare Counseling.  Previously, Evie worked as a receptionist at a busy mental health counseling office in Olympia.  She noticed the need for empathic, skilled, and flexible providers for the elder community. Also, Evie was a caregiver for her grandmother Grace. She has experienced first-hand the challenges, joys, sorrows, and complexities that Grace and her family navigated the last few years of Grace’s life.  Evie brings her experience, skills and open heart to the her work at Eldercare!